«De gode bombene» [«The Good Bombs», (in Norwegian]. Made in cooperation with NRK. About the war in Libya and the role of Norway. 

«En dråpe luksus» [«A drop of Luxury», in Norwegian]. Made in cooperation with TV2. The story about Voss Water and Voss Foundation.

«Sultbløffen» [«The Hunger Scam», in Norwegian] With TV2, 2008. The story about the faked hunger disaster in Niger 2005

«De hvite hjelperne» [The White Do-gooders, in Norwegian]. With TV2. What was really happening when the Red Cross and Norwegian Church Aid said they saved millions of lives in Southern Africa. 

«De norske statsmisjonærene» [The Norwegian State Missionaries, in Norwegian]. With TV2. About the relationship between aid and missionary activities.

«De norske leiediplomatene» [The Hired Norwegian Diplomats, in Norwegian]. With TV2. About rhetoric and reality in foreign aid and foreign policy.


For Tvedt’s three award-winning documentary series about water-society relations in development, see here: